"Keepers of KNowledge"
Two of the Themisyran Isles




Gynarchy (human), hereditary monarchy (elven)

Major Settlements

Antaea, Cynna

Minor Settlements

The Sisters (Areto and Iphito), Lysippia




Ancient knowledge, fruit



"Fruits for sale!" -Themisyran merchants have no shortage of fruit on their islands, and get most of their money selling that or fishing.

All about Amlöst are islands populated by the Themisyran people and elves, known collectively as the Themisyran Isles. The greatest collection is far to the west of the Ivrian Peninsula, and extends for miles -- some can even be swum to on this particular chain!

This descriptive text was written by Ilia of the Whetted Blades in the year 751 IC, at the request of Fayruz Blue-Ink, High Scribe of Listria.

History Edit

Founding Edit

The legends of my people hold that the first Themisyran Isles were settled half a decade after Themisyra began her journey by people who wished to raise their children in a slightly more stable environment. In return for this security, Themisyra bade them erect temples to Amaz, harbor her Fruit, and follow her laws. This was done. As time went by, our Cenetlae allies came to live on these islands with us, and one or two men from other lands did as well. When civilization began to collapse around the ears of men, we took as much of the old knowledge as we could from their lands in secret and secreted it all about our islands.

Due to our aptitude in combat, and that of the elves, almost none of our islands have fallen to invaders, and harsh weather is almost non-existent thanks to the favor of Amaz.

Current Events Edit

Our ways have changed little in the countless years since our people first embarked on their journeys, and our holdings outside of our city-boats have only increased. Few dare to launch raids on us, fearing the retribution of Amaz and our reputation.

Culture Edit

See Themisyran.

Geography Edit

General Edit

The Themisyran Isles vary from sea to sea, though all are at least large enough to house a village on, and many feature caves. Only the largest islands hold Fruits of Amaz, which our Queens use to reproduce. These hidden places are guarded by men, women, and in some cases golems and other creatures. As well, each island itself is guarded by nymphs of the Line of Undine, or at the very least several water elementals. Some are even guarded by benevolent sea monsters.

Quite a few islands are lush with fruit, and bananas in particular are a very popular export to En.

Noteworthy Individuals Edit

Female Edit

  • Themisyra was the first Queen of the Themisyrans, and placed the Fruits she was given by Amaz on the island of Mela Nippia.
  • Eirea was a half-elven Themisyrans, and famous for having slain a dragon while riding on its back. "The Flight of the Warrior Princess", an epic tale, was written in her honor. To be honest, I get a little sick of having to repeat her story to foreigners -- no disrespect intended to either.

Male Edit

  • Ganius, a male from a children's story who beat a Themisyran in an arm-wrestling contest. He is the subject of the story "Ganius".