The Legend of Xeton is a sad story about the Three Fates, their master Xeton, and a mortal man. We, Rafaias Geldaris of Algam and Scalesa the Seeker, will write this story down as requested by Fayruz Blue-Ink, High Scribe of Listria as of the year 751 IC. This story would not have been possible without the aid of several Themisyrans. Thank you.

The Story Edit

Beginning - Love Edit

In the years between the Voyage of Themisyra and the Fall of Men, much of the human race underwent a "renaissance" of sorts, developing a peaceful society where there was no want or war. The only gods that we knew were Xeton of Dreams, Algam and her servants, and their own servants, the Titans. The Three Fates walked in disguise among us much as they do now, with Cania of the Past and Lunia of the Future seeing little of us. Aria of the Present was the opposite of her sisters, preferring to "live in her time" and befriending mortals. Despite this, she had a slight tendency to play mean-spirited tricks on those that she liked, and be outright unkind to others. Because she was so similar in spirit to Xeton, Aria was considered his favorite "daughter".

The Apple and the Headless Sage Edit

One of these mortals that she favored was a warrior and messenger, whose name has been forgotten to history. What started out as a mutual crush with passed notes and heavy flirtation became a serious relationship and a revelation on the part of Aria, which the Three Sisters agreed they would shy away from -- mortals had finite lifespans, and to become attached to one would only break their hearts, if not scare those who became close to them. Despite this, the mortal man promised Aria that he would go to any length to be with her forever, and petitioned Algam for the location of one of her Golden Apple Trees, promising to perform tasks for her. Algam said only for him to go north, where he would find a great sage, and ask him; the name of this sage was not given.

Indeed, this man embarked on his journey north, where, after risking life and death, he found the sage in a dungeon at the bottom of a well. This sage, calling himself Mím, said that he had eaten one of the Golden Apples long ago, and was now immortal. But he was also cynical, and refused to give the man who sought him his answer until he saw his fury, at which point Mím challenged him to a game of five riddles, and then a duel. Over the next seven hours, the man answered all five riddles asked of him successfully, and then the two fought. Mím lost, and begged his opponent to kill him out of mercy rather than let him die in agony.

The man severed Mím's head, but despite Mím's wishes his head remained alive. He passed much of his wisdom and knowledge to this mortal man before requesting that his head be sealed away; one such secret was the location of one of the Golden Apple Trees of Algam. With this in mind, the lover journeyed to this tree, which was located in the Sands of Ogadi, then a beautiful and vibrant place. When at last he ate the Golden Apple, he returned to Aria.

When Aria learned of what he had done, she was both shocked and overjoyed, because a mortal man went to such lengths to make her happy and be with her. Despite this, her heart was still one of chaos as much as it was one of love, and she whispered the paths to the trees that she had learned to the humans her lover said lived in the faraway deserts.

The War of the Apples Edit

Who learned of the Golden Apple Trees of Algam first is not known, but a great civil war broke out among the people that lived in the deserts, with the fighting spreading as far south as Thu Vara. Rumor has it that the din of battle in the name of immortality unchained the imprisoned Titan called Ogadi, who wreaked havoc from the center of "his" desert to the kingdoms of gnolls in the far south. While the threat of Ogadi was enough to stop the people of the deserts from fighting with the Thu Varans, and the mighty warriors Shirin and Shoreh and the arch-sorcerers Danabris and Viphia and all their followers slew the Titan, none of the gods were pleased at what had happened.

The Punishment of the Fates and the Freeing of Dreams Edit

The Three Fates, Aria's now-immortal lover, and Xeton were all brought before the gods and stood on trial for their crimes.

For his failure to keep a proper eye on his servants, Xeton was stripped of his godly powers. Dreams became the domain of mortals as much as gods, and Fate was distributed among the cosmos. Xeton's body was sealed in stone and locked out of the world of mortals.

For her disregard for the safety of the mortals she swore to guide, Aria was stripped of much of her power and forced to , as were her sisters, who were guilty of not stopping her. They were made to wander the world for one millenium, during which time the gods bade them help mortals and feel things on their scale. Cania and Lunia are said to dwell with Listria in her grand libraries now, very rarely coming to the world of mortals. Aria learned somewhat of a lesson during her time feeling like a mortal, and it is believed that she still dwells among them, helping some and hindering others.

Aria's lover was stripped of his true name and thus his ability to die by any means. As his violation stood against the laws of Algam and he promised her that he would "perform tasks" for her that he could be with Aria forever, he was tasked with aiding the goddess in her grim work, and to this day it is said that he keeps watch over the undead. Some believe that other gods have him run errands for them, but these claims are unsubstantiated. His feelings for Aria are believed to remain unchanged despite many who hear this story blaming her for his fate.