"Persons for the Enforcement of Magical Law"


411 IC, 28796 CC


Fergus the Archmage

Base of Operations

New Anaya (Padan)

Other Bases

The Laughing Enchantress (Calgaria, tavern), Meltan (Padan), Iban (Thu Vara)




Cult of Danabris, Cult of Viphia


Various, most notably "misbehaving mages"

General Alignment


"See, I like these Enforcers. They appreciate talent." -Thianne Geldaris, former criminal, current member of the Persons for the Enforcement of Magical Law

History Edit

Founding Edit

The Persons for the Enforcement of Magical Law, or Enforcers for short, were founded in 411 IC after several complaints of misproper use of magic in Padan. Those in power, quick to address any problems, put their heads together and eventually decided to give adventurers an outlet for their boredom by making it legal to hunt down whoever grossly violated magical laws. Whether or not they were to be brought back alive or dead was up to the severity of their crimes -- conjurers of daemons would be imprisoned, seducers of men and women would be subjected to marks of justice, and so on.

Despite the fears of a couple of founding members, this worked surprisingly well. So well, in fact, that these adventurers spread the word to every corner of En that they could. Over the next couple of years, bases of operations opened in taverns from New Anaya to Morningwood. There were other bases, too, but these became pretty easy targets so now the Enforcers stick to taverns and magic academies.

Current Events Edit

The Enforcers have now been active for three hundred and forty years, and have since opened their ranks to the occasional non-adventurer. There are now stricter guidelines on what calls for their attention and what does not.

Membership Edit

Duties Edit

Anyone can be a member of the Enforcers, though those of the adventuring profession still make up the bulk. In order to become a member, one must either agree to post notices or do jobs on their behalf. You can either willingly terminate your membership, or get kicked out, but I advise against doing the latter for obvious reasons. Death is also an acceptable means of leaving the Enforcers, but that's pretty melodramatic, and even then death doesn't stop some members from doing their job. Unlike some organizations, members are free to pursue other interests, so long as they do not interfere with those of the Enforcers.

Magic-using or otherwise talented Enforcers are encouraged to keep an eye out for anything fishy wherever they are.

Looting and Code of Conduct Edit

At the request of field members, it is now permissible to loot the holdings of targets, within reason. What constitutes "reasonability" varies from leader to leader, but for the most part they're free to steal spell components, spell books, magical items, dirty paintings...the usual. The "bigger" things, like golems and possible artifacts, have to be brought to the proper storage facilities. And of course, prisoners are to be returned to their point of origin immediately. And at least 10% of the loot is to be donated to whatever charitable organization you feel like donating to (and your travelling companions are not a charitable organization).

Failure to obey these rules, or to act against the interests of the Enforcers, will result in a warning first, then probation, and finally expulsion. I've heard of particularly heinous violators becoming targets of their former allies.

Dress CodeEdit

There isn't a dress code or anything like that for members of the Enforcers. There were talks about it, but they decided against it because that would broadcast to everybody who shouldn't know what you did for a living, and that's a problem.

Benefits Edit

Members of the Enforcers and their families and friends receive free healing at most affiliated inns, as well as reduced prices on food, drink, and board. And, of course, there's the loot.

Bases of Operation Edit

The Enforcers are based in Padan, but have several smaller bases throughout En.


New Anaya: New Anaya is the base of operations for the Enforcers. The academies and libraries store everything from records of events to dangerous possessions to prisoners, all so trapped-up that not even an army could take what's protected.

Meltan: The ruins of Meltan are where the "main storage facility" for a lot of things that get taken go. Every so often, appropriated goods are auctioned off here. Doesn't sound too responsible to me, but whatever.

Taverns Edit

The Enforcers know adventurers. Some of them are adventurers. Accordingly, taverns are great places for Enforcers to find other Enforcers to enforce with. I still don't get why you'd trust perfect strangers you just happened to meet in a bar while possibly drunk, but whatever.

The Weeping Owl: This is a tavern in, you guessed it, Padan. It's on the western outskirts, near Eald-Nor territory. Because of its proximity to the mountains, there are all sorts of "neat" surprises for Enforcers to test their mettle against. This place is run by a half-elf named Ruby.

The Laughing Enchantress: While Padan and Calgaria don't usually get along, the Warmages are a different story. I've chosen to list The Laughing Enchantress above all other taverns in Warmage Academy cities, because it was the first one that I was told endorsed the Enforcers. While the Enforcers may or may not agree with some Warmages, they wouldn't turn down help from them...especially since it means that they're willing to ignore Padan should Calgaria ever set its sights there again.

The Screaming Penguin: The Screaming Penguin is a tavern on the northern borders of the Ivrian Peninsula, and yet another tavern famous for serving as a meeting place for Enforcers. Its propietor, Bilkar was a former adventurer, and actually bought the land and materials for this place with money he earned turning renegades in. His daughter Maralea likes to help out neophyte adventurers in whatever way she can.

Noteworthy IndividualsEdit

Female Edit

  • Indigo Fate is probably one of the only medusae in this organization, and specializes in hunting down her own kind. She's great at walking around blindfolded.
  • Jenia is who the Enforcers call when they need therianthropes dealt with, particularly those newer types made by wizards. While she lives in Ivria, she's willing to travel.
  • I'll have to admit, Mara is kind of scary, but when there are problems on the Themisyran Isles she's the first to do something about it.
  • Thianne Geldaris actually began her career on the opposite end of the Enforcers, meaning she was a target. When she realized that it was more profitable putting people like herself in cells after being pardoned, she decided to join the Enforcers. She's kind of obnoxious.
  • Vaunea the Black Leaf is a friend of Thianne's who decided to help the Enforcers out after they helped her out. She's kind of cold.

Male Edit

  • Anarp'Fa specializes in hunting down extraplanar entities unleashed by irresponsible mages. He does most of his work in Thu Vara.
  • Arlgith the Good is an older man who occasionally takes jobs for the Enforcers, but primarily busies himself healing others.
  • Goodwin the Conjurer is one of the founding members.
  • Secret Hours is a pegasus who patrols the skies near the Ivrian borderlands for airborne problems.
  • Tenith is a sailor who's currently after the pirate-enchantress Kalev.Cateogry: Persons for the Enforcement of Magical Law