"Land of Sages"
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Major Settlements

Meltan (ruin), Merk, Saloni

Minor Settlements

Wood of Rimmar


Gods of Knowledge, Titans


Stone, lumber, knowledge, magic, jewels


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"Padan: Land of Sages. Too smart to be conquered." -An inkling from a young Calgarian noble's notebook.

Padan is a land ruled by the wise, and probably one of the best places that anybody could ever hope to live. It is bordered on the north by Asgardia, on the east by the Sands of Ogadi, and on the south and west by the Lands of Eald. It's a temperate region, but you'd better cover up during the Winter -- it gets cold!

This descriptive text was written by Iva Demarlia in the year 751 IC, at the request of Fayruz Blue-Ink, High Scribe of Listria.

History Edit

Founding Edit

Padan was founded near three millenia ago, when tribes of Asgardian humans decided to migrate to warmer climates in the south following a terrible Winter. The first Padani settlements lay in the foothills of Mount Coalpeak, but were constantly harried by giants and wild animals. After the dwarves who inhabited the forests to the south kept the animals at bay following a desperate plea, the humans promised to honor their kindness by not endangering the wildlife.

Allies Edit

The battles between the humans and the giants raged for centuries, with neither side gaining an edge over the other, and infrequent attacks from the people of Eald complicating things on all sides. Eventually the humans (and, after a time, dwarves) won due to the influence of the dwarves' World Spirit allies. In the time it took the two races to beat back their foes, they realized that they had become friends, and members of one race began to dwell in the settlements of the other. The humans soon earned even more allies, in the form of the harpies that lived in the vast mountain ranges to the south.

The Gift of the Mages and Even More Allies Edit

As time went by, the humans decided to expand their territories, and a lot of them moved farther south. Of course, being humans, they anticipated an attack; sensing their unease, the few mages among them capable of doing so shaped the stone extracted from nearby sources with their magic, while others aided the workers in their construction of homes and defenses. The end result was that entire towns were made in months, with massive stone walls to defend them. For their contributions, the mages were gifted with academies where they were free to study without as much noise as before. As their sleepy communities began to grow, the humans attracted the attention of beings that the harpies called "Bloodless Ones".

Bloodless War and Bloody Betrayal Edit

These "Bloodless Ones" fell like flies to the attacks of the humans and their mages, and seeking to provide safe passage for the refugees who had come from the far west, they established a settlement called Kallanna. Despite the measures these Kallannans took, their undead foes kept claiming lives; still, they refused to pack up and leave, and even built a second settlement on the other side of the mountains closer to their dwellings, called Saloni. Leadership of Saloni went to a powerful necromancer named Theiro-Nak.

Under Theiro-Nak's leadership, the people of Saloni seemed to finally be putting a dent in the ranks of the undead, and received the praise of their fellows to the west. Unbeknownst to them, Theiro-Nak was secretly plotting to swell the ranks of their enemy, having been claimed by them long before. His betrayal came when humans from a newer land to the south called Calgaria attacked, but despite the distraction the people of Padan beat back both their new enemies and the undead. For his betrayal, he was executed by the Archmagi of Padan and his remains were sealed in the deepest vaults of their greatest academies.

Current Events Edit

Despite their occasional battles with the people of Eald and the undead, the Padani enjoy lives that are far more peaceful than those of other human kingdoms. They are particularly fond of Ivrians and Thu Varans, and have been known to send aid to them. As for other allies, they will gladly aid almost any other race.

Culture Edit

General Edit

The Padani are considered absolute equals within their respective social classes, regardless of race or gender. Magic is smiled upon here, and even the quiet hamlets have at least one wizard's tower, with the greater cities like New Anaya boasting anywhere from one to seven academies! The literacy rate among adults is high, with even farmers being able to at least read signs. Past-times include board and card games, acting, and crafting.

Aside from its human citizens, Padan is home to dwarves, with a minority of elves and half-elves (more of the latter than the former).

Religion Edit

All the gods and known Titans are worshipped here, sometimes together. Like in Ivria, there's a Grand Temple in New Anaya. The Gods of Knowledge and Magic are given more respect than the others by the general populace. Visitors from Huika will be delighted to find small rooms with shrines dedicated to their philosophy at the Grand Temple, and many non-Huikans have taken a shine to this way of thinking.

In Kallanna and Saloni, Algam receives the most reverence, and her "Death Hunters" are trained here.

Government Edit

Padan is a Pedocracy, meaning that it is ruled by the enlightened. This does not necessarily mean that the most powerful mage will rule it like other cultures seem to think, but instead that the law is in the hands of the learned. This could be a sage, an alchemist, or a well-read farmer or blacksmith. Padani law is considered fair by the standards of other races and cultures, and escaped slaves from all over go to great pains to arrive there, for slavery and torture are outlawed.

At the request of Dwarves, the Padani have penned strict laws on hunting and gathering wood.

Almost mockingly, the people of Calgaria call Padan the "Land of Fines", owing to the fact that many "lesser" crimes can be pardoned with money.

Noteworthy Individuals Edit

Female Edit

  • Fayruz Blue-Ink is the High Scribe of Listria. She is a dry-witted woman in her mid-fifties, and loves bugs.
  • Princess Swift Wing is a harpy princess who lives in the nearby mountains, and frequents New Anaya.
  • Xaro'dla Sebbeth a Paladin of the Order of the Dry Blade, famous for her contributions to alchemical studies. Born and raised in Thu Vara, came to Padan. She also breeds dogs, and is considered the best thing since sliced bread by the dwarves.

Male Edit

  • Fergus is the current Archmage of Padan at New Anaya. He's a little standoffish.
  • Tasasilr a Goblin alchemist and sage, and one of the known leaders. Missing.
  • Theiro-Nak an undead warlord who betrayed Padan. I thought him worth mentioning because when I spoke to Archmage Fergus, he mentioned that Theiro-Nak's tomb beneath the academies was empty. So, to any adventurers who might read this: please find and replace him. Archmagi are known for being able to give people who make them happy fine jewelry.