Oozeborne are a race that does not seem to have any known origin. Still, they exist.

Description Edit

Appearance Edit

Oozeborne look vaguely humanoid, and have semi-transparent bodies made out of whatever slime they were born from. Body types and heights vary according to the personal tastes of the oozeborne. Most decide to use their limited shape-shifting abilities to turn into human or half-elf-like shapes.

Most oozeborne have no true genders, but those who take a liking to humanoids sometimes find themselves taking on the traits of whatever most attracts their crushes. This is kind of touching, in a creepy way.

Personality Edit

Oozeborne have a sort of childlike innocence about the world around them, but like children tend to be prone to strong emotions. They are not stupid, however, and will speak up if they feel that they are being mistreated.w

Clothing Edit

Oozeborne prefer to wear whatever their companions wear, though those that live alone in dungeons will sometimes dress themselves in whatever they can find. Quite a few have been encountered with attire made entirely of broken rocks and shredded fabrics.

History Edit

Origins Edit

According to the first person to document the "birth" of an oozeborne, they killed a slime with their allies and some magic used in the area caused the remains of the slime to coalesce into a more or less human shape. After their equipment was stolen, mages in several private sanctums worked tirelessly to create oozeborne of their own.

Recent History Edit

The "birth" of each oozeborne is entirely incidental, though some claim that there are entire colonies of naturally occurring oozeborne far below the surface of the world, and on other planes.

Relations Edit

Those who see oozeborne tend to react with revulsion at first sight, though those who have grown used to their presence - and existence - are more endeared to them than anything. Still, less experienced people will be quick to judge and many are given a means by which to disguise themselves in settlements.

Oozeborne AdventurersEdit

Oozeborne "born" in dungeons like to follow adventurers around. Whether or not they are killed depends on the tendencies of those they find, and how they approach their potential "friends". In any case, most of them make Thieves that thieves' guilds scramble to get. A rare few learn other talents from their companions.

Noteworthy Individuals Edit

I hate to say it, but oozeborne receive little recognition. While individuals certainly have their own personalities, most scholars prefer to call the oozeborne that they are writing about by the race they are most commonly seen in the form of.