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Age in 751 IC

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"I must be losing my edge!" -Jaspar said this after he punched somebody!

Jaspar is a blacksmith and adventurer who seems to like weapons. More than most other adventurers and blacksmiths do, at any rate. Very worrisome, his fixation.

This biographical text was written by his companion in travel and best friend Screaming Roc, with his express permission. The purpose of this biography is not to be disclosed until deemed appropriate by Fayruz Blue-Ink, High Scribe of Listria (as of 751 IC).

Appearance Edit

Jasparr is a very pretty man who does not seem to get much sunlight. His hair is the color of leaves in fall, as are his eyes. He keeps his beard neat, and hair long.

Personality Edit

Jasparr sort of reminds me of a dog or wolf, in many ways. Now, before you take this as an insult, keep in mind that we dwarves value dogs and wolves for their loyalty; in fact, you could almost go as far as to say that Jasparr is my "dog"! I have heard many people say that this loyalty is faulty, and that he needs to temper his compassion with common sense.

Though, truth be told, he is not without his faults... For one, his temper can get the best of him, and his thoughts seem to wander, much like those of a cat. And, like that same animal, he has been known to play with his prey overlong. Still, he has shown that he can be trained, and I feel that if my friends and I gave him some time he would be a great boon to others! Unfortunately, his cooking skills can not be salvaged by any craft that my companions (as lacking in proficiency as they are) or I possess...

Biography Edit


Jasparr says that he was born in a village near Zelamis (the Land of Yggdrasil's Friends), and that he has a sister. Both children had plenty of friends, and so were never alone, though I have heard nothing from him about pets. He does not seem to think much of his sister, as he always scoffs at her mention. Why must humans quarrel so?

Tempered and ShatteredEdit

Poor Jasparr says that he was lost one day while hunting with the men, and that nobody could find him. Fortunately, he was saved by men that he called "knaves", and taught how to fend for himself by them. After many years, he helped his friends reclaim something that was stolen from them in a neighboring village. After his friends were all killed by bears, he headed for the Lands of Eald, where he found safety until he was "broken" near Padan (Land of Nymphs). He says that he was later "fixed".

Current EventsEdit

Now, Jasparr is my companion, as well as that of my friends! Ever since we met him, we've learned all sorts of wonderful things about caring for our weapons. Our armor, not so much. When we aren't travelling and righting wrongs, he's sure enough at a forge fixing or making something. He is very passionate about bringing ensorcelled weapons to places that he thinks would make good homes for them, though he does not seem to think much of non-magical weaponry.

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Attributed to JasparrEdit

"How can you expect to hurt me with that if you can't even hold it right?" -Jasparr asked somebody who came at him with a hammer this question. I didn't see anything wrong with the way they were holding the hammer, especially since one blow made later in the battle broke his shin.