"Children of the Wind"

Average Height

4' - 6'3" (both sexes)

Average Weight


Life Expectancy

150 years


Spirits of Wind

"w" -w

Grine are the children of humans and djinn.

Description Edit

Appearance Edit

Grine tend to range between five and a half to six and a half feet in height, with females being larger and heavier than males, much like their djinni parents. Most of them have coppery skin, while our hair is dark and usually appears very well cared for. A few born to djinni nobles have hair of dark red colors. All of them have red eyes, and bear sharper canines than most other humans.

Some are mistaken for humans, while others are mistaken for elves or half-elves.

Personality Edit

Grine are sort of standoffish, and many believe that they are "above" those not from their home plane. I've heard from more sociable individuals that they tend to have the same problem interacting with others from their home plane. In any case, they have a passion for magic and reading, and those that revere the gods enjoy worshipping Listria, Danabris, and Viphia.

Clothing Edit

Calgarian nobles have nothing on grine. Both females and males dress in the most outlandish attire imaginable, and quite a few I've seenn have left little to the imagination -- even in battle armor! Whether or not they choose to dress the way they do where they come from, or conform to the standards of whatever society they have been born into, seems to be up to them. Dyes, jewelry, and shiny materials seem to be "musts".

History Edit

Origins Edit

I can't say with certainty when the first grine were born, but the earliest mention of them comes from Ogadi scrolls that date back several millenia. They were regarded as royalty, and some took slaves with them to their home plane.

Recent History Edit

Grine are still being born to humans and djinn, and while most remain on the World of Air, some take an interest in the mortal world enough that they travel there.

Relations Edit

Other races see little of other grine, but most think of them as arrogant or cool-tempered humans from or half-elves Ogadi. Ogadi, Padani, and Thu Varans tend to be the most accepting of them.

Grine AdventurersEdit

All grine adventurers have knowledge of how to use magic as do Magic-Users, though many also possess talents in other classes.

Noteworthy Individuals Edit


  • Hareefa was the daughter of a djinni queen, and exiled to this plane when she refused to marry a neighboring prince. She made a fortune as a magical researcher in Padan.


  • Mo'Faz was a grine born to an adventurer and a djinni. He founded a bardic academy in Ivria after having made friends with one. This academy still stands, and is located in Blann.

Mechanical Edit

In tabletop fantasy roleplaying games, Grine are a brilliant people, and should gain a bonus to their mental ability scores or statistics. In order to balance this out, their arrogance or aloofness should give them penalties when interacting with others. Penalties when casting spells not related to the winds might also be appropriate.

Grine should be able to speak Common, a regional dialect (likely Ogadi or Thu Varan), and the languages of Genies, beings of the air, and possibly other elemental or planar languages.

Classes that deal with arcane magic, such as the Mage class, are favored by Grine.