The two known Gods of Life and Death are Algam and her demigod servants Herpisra and Pharyngia.


Description: Algam is the Goddess of Life and Death, and sometimes referred to as the "Woman of Bones". Her job is to make sure that the dead are led to their rightful places in the afterlife, and to usher them out of her Halls when they have bene healed enough and are ready to walk the world again.

Dogma: Algam expects her followers to hold funeral gatherings for the dead, and protect their bodies from undeath -- typically by praying over them in a special way. They are also to bring the "restless dead" to her, though some undead are permitted to exist and this is to be honored by her followers.

Holy Days: Algam has no holy days, but prefers to be mentioned before other gods during funeral gatherings.

Appearance: Algam is commonly depicted as a human woman with chalk-white skin, dark hair, and bloody palms. Her eyes are black, her expression void, and her voice is said to carry an otherworldly chill to it. She wears dark robes.

Common Followers: Undead, grave keepers, and others close to the dead usually revere Algam. Her clergy is primarily made up of Clerics, with multi-classed individuals being able to gain the same prestige among her faith as the single-classed.


Herpisra and PharyngiaEdit

Description: Herpisra and Pharyngia are two sister Demigoddesses who aid Algam in her duties. When a mortal is on the verge of death, they send their servants to it and gamble with one another over whose servant will be the first to retrieve it. If Herpisra's succeeds, the mortal will die; if Pharyngia's does, the mortal will live. The two are most commonly revered by physicians and gamblers. Both accept sacrifices, though only Herpisra will take blood sacrifices.

  • Herpisra is the Demigoddess of Disease, and responsible for ensuring that the dead come to Algam; unlike Pharyngia, the dead that she takes into her care are simply ignored until they are to be sent back to the World of Mortals, or to their final destination among the gods.
  • Pharyngia is the Demigoddess of Healing, and responsible for mending all the hurts of the world that the dead come to the afterlife with. Once they have been given enough care, they are either sent back to the World of Mortals or to their final destination among the gods. As much as she heals the dead, she also helps the living, and by doing so keeps them out of the Halls of Algam that much longer, effectively lightening her burden.

Appearance: Herpisra and Pharyngia are said to look like sisters, both being tall and of indeterminate race, with silvery hair and brown eyes.

  • Herpisra is said to resemble an emaciated woman of indeterminate race with ragged hair and downcast eyes. Her clothing is stained with fluids, but otherwise in excellent condition. A foul stench follows her wherever she goes.
  • Opposite to Herpisra's unhealthy appearance, Pharyngia is buxom and has well-kept hair. Her eyes face forward, and her clothing is stained with blood. A chemical odor follows her around.

Common Followers: Warlords, spreaders of plague, and some alchemists take an interest in Herpisra; physicians, those who have had near-death experiences, and some alchemists likewise worship Pharyngia. In most cases, both are given equal respect by mortals.