The Fruit of Amaz is a fruit sacred to the Themisyran people. It is hidden in several different, secret places all over the world, with the location being kept a secret from those who know of it under pain of death. The Fruit is used by Themisyran Queens, who all claim direct descent from Themisyra, to reproduce. It is believed by others, even the Queens, that the Fruit prevents reproduction by any other means, which keeps the Line of Queens purer than any other royal line in the world.

The Fruit's influence on the Queens also provides insight into how humans once looked, so long ago, as each child born of it is said to resemble Themisyra's daughters. Thus, these Queens stand taller than even the mightiest of men, with olive skin, rust-colored hair, and green eyes. Builds are as varied as those of other humans, though diet and exercise see most Queens becoming mighty of build.