These encounter tables indicate what one should expect to find in different regions of Amlöst.

Underground Edit

ABSOLUTELY NOTHING - All too common!

Giant Mammals - Common.

Insects - Common. Giant ones are usually burrowing types.

Lizards - Uncommon.

Oozes - Uncommon.

Trolls - Uncommon. Trolls encountered underground are pale and shun bright lights, and are unable to regenerate in sunlight.

Molds - Uncommon.

Undead - Uncommon.

Skeletons - Common. Intelligent ones extremely rare, function as adventurers.
Zombies - Common. Intelligent ones extremely rare, function as adventurers.
Ghouls/Ghasts - Common/uncommon.
Wights/Wraiths - Uncommon/extremely rare.
Bloodless Ones (Vampires) - Beneath Padan only.
Liches - Rare to unique.
Spectres - Unique.

Elementals - Rare.

Air - Rare.
Earth - Common.
  • Regular - Common.
  • Gnomes - Rare, usually solitary. Likely to hide from others.
Fire - Common.
  • Regular - Common.
  • Salamanders - Uncommon, usually in groups of 1 - 3 (1d3). Love playing near pockets of underground gases and going to forests.
Water - Uncommon.

Ogre Magi - Rare. Usually accompanied by undead (draw the line at Bloodless Ones, though they can enter allegiances with "greater" undead), humanoids, or trolls that serve it as thralls. 5% chance per hit die of psionic talent.

Daemons - Extremely rare. More often than not, these are "lesser" types who have been tasked with extracting minerals from the world of mortals.

Shadows - Extremely rare.

Doppelgangers - Common (near ruins) unique (elsewhere).

Basilisks - Uncommon (all) to Rare (beneath Zelamis). Basilisks encountered underground shun bright lights.

Lizardmen - Common (near swamps) to uncommon (elsewhere).

Adventurers - Extremely rare to unique.

Gigas - Unique (as "Titans" in monster books).

Titans - Unique (as "Elder Titans"). These Titans are usually dormant, and have been sealed beneath the ground for aeons for rebelling against the Gods. Awakening them is sure to have an impact on the campaign world, and to alert the Gods.