En is a continent (some might argue a supercontinent) in the eastern parts of Amlöst. It is bordered on the north by the "Yawning Void" (or "Ginnungagap" as it is known by Asgardians), on the east by the Sea of Serpents, and on the south and west by the Great Sea (probably the most unoriginal name for a body of water ever, but this one has so many names it'd probably take me all week just to write down half of those I've heard!). It is home to the majority of the world's human population, as well as a fair amount of other races.

Like most continents, En has a variety of geographical features. I'll start from the west, and work my way clockwise until I reach the center.

Western EnEdit

Ivrian PeninsulaEdit

The Ivrian Peninsula juts out from the southwestern parts of En, and if you ask me looks sort of like a fan. In any case, it's very heavily forested to the north and east, with rocky cliffs along their coasts. The southern and western parts also have a fair bit of trees in them, and known for their ivros trees, for which the continent received its name by the dwarves.

In terms of climate, this region is warm throughout most of the year, with hot Summers and cold Winters. Storms are fairly common, and in the Spring flooding can become an issue in some parts.

Dwarves: The dwarves live in the northeastern parts, near the Grove of Morningwood, a treant. Rumor has it that they once had a home in the central parts, but nobody has been able to find anything to support these claims.

Humans: Humans make their homes in the central, southern, and western parts, with scattered settlements everywhere else. They call themselves "Ivrians". The city of Figlia, in the northwest, is considered the "capital" of their lands, as it is where the majority of trade takes place, and where the majority of the ruling council lives.

Other Races: Very few races other than dwarves and humans make their home on the Ivrian Peninsula. I've heard that cyclopes live on the islands that surround them, but most of the people who've told me about them were drunk sailors.

The Golden StrandEdit

The Golden Strand is a coastal region that begins at the southern mouth of Aerlyn's Path in northwestern En, and ends near the northern borders of the Ivrian Peninsula. It is kept isolated from much of the rest of the world by high mountains, which the dwarves call the "Tables of the Great Ones", and the elves call "Etlae's Descent". Humans use these names interchangeably.

While the temperature east of the mountains is nippy in the northern parts and mild throughout most of the year south of that, the western side is very warm and seldom sees temperatures drop below that.

Dwarves: Dwarves live in the forests scattered about the feet of the mountains, and in few places besides.

Elves: Elves live along the river of Aerlyn's Path, and most notably in Aerlyn's Gaze (which the river settlements are considered a part of). Of course, the greatest habitation of elves in this part of En, if not all of Amlöst, and from what it takes its name, is the Golden Strand! It's built in the cliffs of the southern parts of the region.

Humans: There was but one settlement of humans along this region, called Zelamis. It was a great city of wizards, but fell centuries ago. It is now populated by the spirits of those who failed to leave in a timely fashion, and medusae. I've heard that a couple of elves who lived there during the time of the fall are still there, but I'm going to take that with a grain of salt.

Northern EnEdit


The first thing people think of when they hear the word "Asgardia" is miserable cold and grim people. They couldn't be more wrong about the weather, because it's only really bad in the northern parts -- sure, the south is a little nippy even at the best of times, but I was surprised to see as many trees as I did even in the parts covered in snow year-round!

I'd have to say that its southernmost borders are the rivers of Aerlyn's Path in the west and Eardstapa's End in the east, while the northernmost is a rift known as Ginnungagap by the natives.

Dwarves: Dwarves inhabit the forests to the south of Asgardia.

Humans: w