"Death Hunters"


-1286 IC


Mistress of Graves Acantha

Base of Operations

Grand Mausoleum of Algam at Saloni (Padan)

Other Bases

None documented.




Several cults, Persons for the Enforcement of Magical Law


"Unruly undead"

General Alignment


The Death Hunters are an organization of priests and other types of adventurers who concern themselves with keeping undead threats manageable, and eliminating or banishing particularly troublesome undead individuals from existence.



The Death Hunters were founded in -1287 IC, but didn't formally organize themselves until -1286 IC. They were originally established in order to keep tabs on intelligent undead roaming Saloni after the death of many powerful vampires, as well as to keep necromancers in check. As the organization grew outwards, there have been significantly less threats of undead invasions throughout En.

Current Events

The Death Hunters are now an organization of five and a half hundred adventurers dedicated to getting rid of undead menaces to free people.



The Death Hunters are responsible for seeing that any hostile or threatening undead they come across are either "neutralized" (killed again, and hopefully for good) or "placated" (subdued). Those who are capable of using magic have an easier time of this.  Devices that can be used to achieve these effects are being made, although they are few and far between.

Aspiring members are required to have fought the undead at least once, and survived.

Undead Membership

Death Hunters do not pursue all undead, and have been known to spare the lives of some liches and even vampires. Those that have proven that they are not particularly threatening, such as wizards or warriors who pursue undeath to guard family crypts, are given leeway. Still, they will keep their eyes on them and act accordingly the minute they begin to cause trouble.

The same applies for skeletons and zombies animated to guard tombs, as well as those that have (somehow) made arrangements to guard certain areas.


Members of the Death Hunters and their relatives and associates receive a discount of 25% on all healing and purchases at sites dedicated to Algam. Those who qualify and perish have their corpses either protected from animation (unless desired otherwise) or cremated and put in special urns.

Undead members that sustain themselves on flesh are occasionally fed the remains of whatever living and unliving violators Algam deems worth our attention. They are also spared, as a general thing...

Bases of Operation

The Death Hunters have bases in every temple of Algam, as well as a few scattered taverns and settlements throughout En.


Grand Mausoleum of Algam: The Grand Mausoleum of Algam is where all Death Hunters receive their orders from. There, Acantha, Algam's Mistress of Graves, receives visions from her goddess and informs members (by means of great telepathic magics, or the rare face-to-face interaction) of her desires. At times, individual members will be guided to targets by Algam, rather than Acantha.