So you like using Dungeons & Dragons d20 System Rules, and you want to play using my setting. Well, that's great. "But how do I adapt stuff from d20 rules into your setting?", you may ask. Read on, and I'll let you know.

Generic ClassesEdit

Generic Classes work the best with Amlöst, since as a rule Amlöst isn't as mind-numbingly heavy on giving titles to classes. Suggested changes to these rules are as follows...

Expert: No changes, though I guess it wouldn't hurt to give these guys the option of a single martial or exotic weapon.

Spellcaster: At the GM's option, feel free to tweak the spells known/spells per day tables so they resemble those of the Wizard class. This way, people can qualify for prestige classes earlier!

Also, it might be cool to just house rule that all Spellcasters can use Charisma as their casting ability score. And it doesn't matter what spells you use, there's no such thing as "Arcane Spellcasting Failure".

As for weapon proficiencies? Add one simple ranged to your list, and we're golden, because screw running out of spells and having to melee things.

Warrior: No changes.

Prestige OptionsEdit

This is where things get complicated, and people who like rolling Pun-Puns are going to get their noses flicked.

Prestige Bard:

Prestige Paladin:

Prestige Ranger:


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