So you want to play using Amlöst as a campaign setting for your RPG. Well, that's great! Amlöst was originally meant to be an RPG setting. But there are lots of rulebooks for different kinds of rules these days! How will you decide?!

Calm down, start breathing from your stomach, and take a look at the list I've written up below for you all.

Amlöst and RPG SystemsEdit

Tri-Stat: Tri-Stat would probably be the best option for Amlöst, since magic isn't as much a profession that requires its users to wear robes and not carry spears and bows and stuff as it is an acquired ability.

GURPS: Same as Tri-Stat, why the hell not.

Warrior, Rogue, & Mage: Another system that would work great with my precious little snowflake. Warrior, Rogue, & Mage rules can be obtained here:

d20 System: Why the hell not, I personally think Amlöst would be awesome if you used Epic 6 Rules along with d20, and a couple of variant rules. Of course, if you wanted to run an Epic Tristalt game using Pun-Puns and Infinite Loops, you could do that, too, but then I'd have to call you a tardcart, but that's just my opinion. d20 System Rules can be obtained here, in a free format: . Or you could buy some 3rd edition Dungeons & Dragons books.

Swords & Wizardry: Sure! Amlöst is generally a little less of a "WHOA POWERFUL" setting than most others, and the free-form rules here would be great with Amlöst. Swords & Wizardry rules can be obtained here: .

Labyrinth Lord: If you can adapt the Basic rules, I could see this being possible. However, I'm going to suggest the Advanced Edition Companion rules, modified. Labyrinth Lord rules can be obtained here: .

Note to PublishersEdit

If you do not want your product listed on this Wiki, please let me know so I can take it down. I just thought you'd like the free exposure, is all.