Outsider (Native)





Average Height

5' - 7'

Average Weight


Average Life Expectancy

90 - 110 years (as human)

General Alignment

Neutral Evil

"What a gas!" -An elf, referring to an aeolian.

Description Edit


Aeolians resemble tall human men of slight build, with long fingers that end in claws. They look sort of wind-swept, and the air around them is windy even when underground. Their skin, hair, and eyes are always the same as that of their mothers, and skin is always flawless -- imagine if somebody used wind to blow your moles and pores smooth.

When excited, their voices sound sort of like a strong wind.

Personality Edit

Aeolians are sort of aloof and jerkish, but if you manage to capture one's attention it'll prove to be talkative, if not friendly. They tend to be almost too talkative, even for this bard. I had the honor(?) of meeting one called Victor the Windbag, and after playing a simple song for him, was taught what he knew about music and its history.

After five hours of writing down what Old Windy said, he let me go when I had to flex my fingers and get him to repeat some of the things he said. They seem to be pretty poor at taking hints, if my cramped wrist and tired fingers are any indication.

Clothing Edit

Aeolians favor light, loose clothing. Otherwise, they like to wear what everybody else in the area does. I've noticed that a lot of them like to wear open shirts.

History Edit

Origins Edit

From what I've heard - and keep in mind that this is a very old account - the first aeolians were born when an enchantress named Aeol was attacked by some creature from the World of Air. Well, actually it was inhaled by her. Instead of doing any number of horrible things to her, it embedded some of its essence in her body (and then did horrible things, but was thankfully coughed up). Anyways, as the story goes, Aeol was apparently pregnant at the time, and gave birth to a son that was more or less human in due time. Subsequent children were also sons, and were also like her firstborn.

Aeol voiced her concerns to her husband, but was assured that there were plenty of couples that had all sons. When she pointed out that none of the other children in the area behaved or looked like her sons, her husband merely shrugged. Eventually she used her magic to discover what made her sons the way that they were, and found that the creature that attacked her all those years ago had "tainted" her reproductive system with its essence. Her notes are now contained in the volume titled Gravid by Man and Wind.

Current Events Edit

Aeolians are seen as an oddity, but more or less tolerated in human lands as they are able to blend in almost seamlessly. Still, if their presences are discovered they tend to be reminded that they are to remain on their best behavior.

Aeolian Lands Edit

Aeolians have no society of their own, as they are born into human familys.

Relations Edit

Aeolians are usually seen by others as being talkative, if not vindictive humans, and treated thus.

Other Edit

I thought it would be a good idea to give you all a little more information on aeolians.

  • Aeolians have no body hair but for that on their heads. Still, they can grow beards.
  • Upon death, their bodies look like all the air has been sucked out of them.
  • A woman pregnant with an aeolian will appear slightly bloated, as if with gas.

Mechanical Edit

Size: Aeolians are Medium.

Base Land Speed: An aeolian's base land speed is 30 feet. This improves to 40 feet in conditions of high winds or air dominant planes.

Senses: Darkvision out to 60 feet.

+2 STR, +2 DEX, -2 WIS; aeolians are just as strong and nimble as their extraplanar ancestors, but tend to have poor judgement.

  • Aeolians have long fingers that end in bony claws, both of which deal 1d4 points of damage, plus the aeolian's Strength modifier. These claws may benefit from the Weapon Finesse and Improved Natural Attack feats.
  • Aeolians are under a constant feather fall effect, which "triggers" if they fall more than five feet. This may be suppressed.
  • Aeolians receive a +2 bonus to checks with any one Knowledge skill, and a +2 bonus to Jump checks.

Automatic Languages: Common, Paracelean. All aeolians know the Paracelean language from birth, even if they have had no contact with outsiders.

Bonus Languages: Any unrestricted.

Level Adjustment: +1

Aeolian adventurers risk life and limb for many of the same reasons that morally corrupt humans do: profit and self-advancement (but that might tie in with profit). Sure, a rare few might go on adventures for more noble purposes, but most are greedy, even by their own admission.

Aeolians favor the Warrior class, and some prefer to fight using nothing but their sharp claws.

Noteworthy Individuals Edit

  • Athamas (NE Aeo Exp/War/Asn) was one of many aeolians born after Gravid by Man and Wind was written. His favored method of assassination was clawing his victims.
  • Victor "the Windbag" (NE Aeo War/ShD) is a famous gladiator in Calgaria with a near cult following.